We believe that our world has been in a state of emergency for the past several hundred years. This is due to the pollution of our water, food, and oxygen.

Our government's concern and industries' profit-making are the problems.

We at the Miracle of Water University also believe that all, man's diseases are a direct result of consuming dirty putrid, sewage-filled water, tainted disease-filled meats, poultry, fish, and seafood. Our available oxygen has been overcome by smoking factories, airplanes & jets fogging our skies, and let's not forget about the nuclear power plants, spewing out smoke and fumes.

Our only hope to stay healthy and disease-free is to use chlorine dioxide and bleach to purify these 3 things necessary for life. Boiling water simply does not work, filtering doesn't either. Chlorine Dioxide is our only hope because it is so cheap that everyone can afford it. As you can see below, They are approved for use by our government. Towns and cities use them both, but they are not concerned about us. The government standards are not good enough.

This is an EMERGENCY.